Freedom of Choice: THE VAGABOND'S TALE

 by Susan R. Palmer

In this charming fantasy set on the enchanting (and perhaps enchanted) island of Bermuda, a 9 year old orphaned girl discovers the long-hidden entrance to the mysterious Crystal Caves. Chelsea, drawn by its beauty, begins to explore and meets Krystal, the mermaid, who is caretaker of the cave. Through Krystal, Chelsea learns of the dark secret that the cave holds and of the riddle that must be solved to find her missing parents. With excitement abounding. Chelsea embarks on an enchanting quest to solve 'The Riddle' and comes into contact with many colorful characters and mystical creatures, including 'Caustix' the cat and 'Pringles' the frog. During her quest, young Chelsea learns some important lessons about life and particularly the lessons of respect and tolerance. She also shares with us a heart-warming and exhilarating look at native Bermudian life and customs.

About the Author

Susan Palmer is a native Bermudian, who has travelled the world extensively. Susan was educated at St. Frances college in Brooklyn Heights, New York. Having lived abroad for almost ten years, she returned to Bermuda, after being called to her mother's sick bed. Susan then decided to stay in Bermuda after the passing of her mother.

Susan is currently the owner of an online business netgatenews.com and shares her time as Tour Coordinator and Cashier for Crystal Caves, Bermuda.

Susan is an adventurous individual who loves children and especially loves telling them stories like the one printed on these pages. Her intense appreciation for the importance of cave preservation is also what inspired Susan to write this book.

From her home, Susan enjoys a panoramic view of the ocean, with her cat 'Fluffy' the love of her life.

Cover design provided by Susan R. Palmer, Recreated by Aisha Trott of Ankh Designs